Roots Plus program is for individuals over 30 years of age, couples, family groups, friendship groups or customized private groups (with minimum of 10 people).  Roots Plus groups normally travel to China in late October to early November.  If there is enough demand, we will organize a spring trip traveling late April to early May. Custom arrangements can be made for private groups with ten or more people.  Roots Plus groups typically meet two to three times before each journey to China. All participants are encouraged to document their journey with journals, photographs, and video, but are not required to conduct a public presentation.  Depending on size and mix of each group, we will be together over a period of 11-13 days.

Throughout the program, we will assist, advise, facilitate, guide, translate, etc. to try and make this a meaningful, enduring and enjoyable experience.  There will be meetings and educational seminars scheduled for full participants. Attendance is highly recommended. If you do not live in the area we do recommend that you try to participate through video conferencing during these sessions.  Two to four seminars will be scheduled for Saturdays pacific time. Some topics covered in our seminars are: genealogy, oral history, familiarization with Guangdong Province, The Greater Bay Area (Pearl River Delta Region), history of China, history of Chinese in America, plus current events in China.

Generally speaking, after researching and compiling family information, we will visit ancestral villages in The Greater Bay Area of Guangdong Province.  We will travel to the northern region of Guangdong Province - Meiguan Pass and Zhujixiang. Area where the majority of Cantonese speaking (Sum Yup, Sze Yup, and Zhongshan) people initially settled during the Tang and Song Dynasties.  We will also tour Guangzhou City, experience its rich culture, modern China, and its splendid cuisine.

All inclusive program cost will vary depending on group size, mix and foreign exchange.  Plus cost of airfare and visa.

Currently, 2019 Roots Plus is full.  We are accepting applications for 2020.

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Video Credit: Albert Yee (2018 Roots Plus)